Project List

GSM Based:                                                                                                     RFID Based:

1. GSM based LPG leakage control surveillance. 1. RFID based security system.
2. GSM based fire detection and control surveillance. 2. RFID based identity card system.
3. GSM based LPG & fire detection and surveillance control. 3. RFID +keypad based security system
4. GSM + Keypad +RFID based military grade security system. 4. RFID based attendance system with PC.
5. GSM based vehicle tracking system . 5. RFID based blind navigation system with voice alert system.
6. GSM based notice board. 6. Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation water pumps. Cost effective method to control entire villager's water pumps with user level authentication. Illiterate's friendly system. .
7. GSM based heartbeat monitoring system. 7. RFID based Ticket booking system.
8. GSM based appliance control. 8. RFID Card based security access control systems.
9. GSM based Energy meter with tampering alert. 9. RFID based digital library system and alerts.
10. Automatic Measurement and Reporting System of Water Quality Based on GSM. 10. RFID based Highway toll collection.
11. Accident Identifier with Auto Dialing Option. 11. RFID based Shopping trolley.
12. Safe Driving Using Mobile Phone. 12. RFID based employee login system and identification display on PC.
13. GSM based Solar fencing system. 13. RFID based automatic car parking system.
14. GSM based school children security system. 14. RFID based medical information system.
15. GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very useful for Traffic police. 15. RFID warehouse robot.
16. Remote electrical billing using GSM modem.

GPS Based:                                                                                                     Sensor Based:

1. GPS based vehicle tracking system. 1. Finger print based Student attendance system.
2. Automatic ambulance rescue system. 2. LPG Gas sensor based application system.
3. Creating Innovation with Systems Integration –Road and Vehicle Integrated Electric Transportation System. 3. Dual Security Access control system Using Finger Print and Keypad for Bank Locker.
4. GPS based sensitive area locator. 4. Fire alarm system.
5. GPS based station name display and door control. 5. Intel gens human being sensing system .
6. GPS based train location tracking system. 6. Line flower robot.
7. Military persons training system that monitors the speed at which they move and records the calculated traveled distance with the time. 7. Obstacle based industrial application .
8. Human travel location tracking system by using GPS. 8. Industrial Smock alarm system .
9. GPS based station name announcement and display system for Trains/buses. 9. Temperature control ac fan speed control .
10. GPS based border alert system for fishermen with boat speedometer. 10. Temperature based industrial automation control system .
11. Automated bus-stop alert for passengers using GPS. 11. Water tank alarm system .

ROBOTICS:                                                                                                     EEE Project:

1. Computer control robot. 1. Computer control Industrial automation.
2. War robot. 2. Solar Tracking System.
3. Line flower robot. 3. Fir Alarm System .
4. Mobile control robot. 4. Temperature control appliances .
5. Remote operated robot. 5. LPG Gas Detection .
6. Obstacle control robot. 6. Automatic LDR based window blind control system.
7. Joystick control robot . 7. Computer Control Traffic System .
8. Human robot . 8. Industrial motor speed control .
9. Robotics Arm . 9. Industrial DC Voltage and current measurement display and Security alarm System .
10. Voice controlled robot . 10. Temperature monitoring system with controlling fan appliances.

Speech Recognition.                                                                                       RS-232:

1. Voice to Text translator in Airlines/Hospital assistant system for Blind/Illiterates. 1. Computer control robots with camera.
2. Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged. 2. Computer control Industrial automation.
3. Voice activated multipurpose robot. 3. Computer controlled security System.
4. Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged. 4. Computer control Industrial motor.
5. Speech recognition system based powered devices control system. 5. Computer control Robotics arm.

MATLAB – Embedded:                                                                                      Touch screen:

1. MATLAB GUI controlled Home/Industrial Automation. 1. Touch screen controlled lamp dimmer for next generation apartments.
2. Heart beat signal monitoring on PC using MATLAB. 2. Touch screen based industrial application control.
3. Solar Panel voltage information on PC with graph using MATLAB. 3. Touch screen controlled based robot.
4. Energy Meter using MATLAB. 4. Touch screen based fan speed control
5. Industrial stepper motor control using MATLAB. 5. Touch screen based home appliance control.
6. Real Time Data Processing using MATLAB.
7. LPG monitoring System.

Wireless Technology Projects:                                                                       Other Embedded Project:

1. Finding of missing object based on RF technology. 1. A multi agent multi sensor based security system for intelligent building .
2. Microcontroller based Wireless matchbox with digital lantern. 2. Automatic LDR based window blind control system.
3. Accident identification project using RF. 3. Solar Tracking Street Light System.
4. Employee login and logout details with displayed on PC based on RF. 4. Call Based Home Appliance Controller.
5. Employee login and logout details with displayed on PC based on RF. 5. DTMF controlled soil-moisture sensor.
6. Appliance control using Rx/Tx 433. 6. Safety implementation for 3-phase irrigation motor using Soil-moisture sensor .
7. Digital Lock System ZegBee Transceiver. 7. Density Traffic Controlling using IR module.
8. Wireless data transmission using ZegBee in W/N network. 8. Temperature monitoring system with controlling fan appliances.
9. Checking & Auto Control Water Level Using Wireless Sensor. 9. Traffic Control using 2.4 Ghz Transceiver Module.
10. Wireless 3 Phase Motor Starter using RF Technology with feedback indicators. 10. WSN based appliances control in Industry .
11. Wireless energy meter data logging system.
12. Speed checker on highway using RF module.
13. Home automation using ZegBee.
14. Automatic Car Parking System using Tx/ Rx.
15. Wireless Land Sliding Detection.
Wind Energy I want the next generation to breathe clean air and enjoy clean water.
Solar Technology Try everything. Do everything. Nuclear. Biomass. Coal. Solar. You name it. I support them all..
PCB Designing PCBs must initially be designed and laid out, but become cheaper, faster to make, and potentially more reliable for high-volume production since production and soldering of PCBs can be automated.
We regularly ask people how they heard about our classes. The other day someone answered me that she always checks the web site to see what's happening. Thanks for your great work!
Web Designing It encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.
VLSI stands for "Very Large Scale Integration". This is the field which involves packing more and more logic devices into smaller and smaller areas. The article aims at trying to introduce Electronics Engineering students to the possibilities and the work involved in this field.
LED stands for "light emitting diode." A diode is an electrical component with two terminals which conduct the electricity only in one direction.
Skill Development Plan We are providing all type of Solution for Consumer Electronics, Solar Energy and LED lighting. The growth of Technology in India depends on ability to produce high quality and innovative engineers with exposure to new technology from a young age.
LED Electronic Project In our skill development center we, work on LED based electronic project.
Embedded Robotics This is the core field of electronis and have very good scope in present as well as in future. Most of the electronic item are based on this technology and will develop in near future this gives you chance to R&D. Better to go for course in this field and secure good future.
IT Solutions We provide IT Solutions in our setup center like as Site Maintinance,Software installation etc .
PCB Designing "Without PCB, we can not expect any electronic circuit. Since a PCB provides physical support as well as interconnections between different electronic components, there exist great opportunities as well as very good growth in this field worldwide."
Solar Power Plant Installation We have already work in the solar power plant installation in various areas across in India.
Solar Energy The use of solar energy offers huge potential for natural resource and climate protection, and for the expansion of renewable energies on the road to a future-oriented energy supply.